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Pine wood stretcher bars

Professional on manufacturing and suppling fir, pine and paulownia stretcher bas

     Cross section
Length: 2.9m
45x32mm and 40x25mm
No cutting moulding at 2.9 meter length.     Size: 45x32mm and 40x25mm
Dual purpose bar (keep flat as a thin frame, keep stand as a thick frame)
Size: 38x35mm
Super size
Size: 35x59mm
Double line
Size: 18x40mm
Size: 18x40mm
Item Deimensions: Deep x Width Type Material Particular
PN4532L 45 x 32mm Incline Pine wood No cutting moulding at 2.9 meter
PN4025L 40 x 25mm Incline Pine wood No cutting moulding at 2.9 meter
PN3835 38 x 35mm Round-arc Pine wood Gallery Wrap stretcher bars
PN3559 35 x 59mm line Pine wood Heavy duty stretcher bars
PN1840D 18 x 40mm Double line Pine wood Double side design stretcher bars
PN1840 18 x 40mm line Pine wood Standard design stretcher bars

    Our stretcher bars are designed for easy assembly, we only use timber kiln dried to 8%-12% moisture content.

    Our selection of pine wood art stretcher bars have sizes: 45x32mm 40x25mm 38x35mm 35x59mm 18x40mm, includes Standard design stretcher bars, Double side design stretcher bars, Gallery Wrap stretcher bars, heavy duty stretcher bars and No cutting moulding at 2.9 meter length bars, this bars we designes as dual purpose, have size 45x32mm and 40x25mm. For example, 40x25mm bar if keep flat it's can make thin frames (25mm deep), if keep stand it's can make thick frame (40mm deep).

    Beside the 6 designes, we are also welcome for clients' require designes.

Pine wood finished frame

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